Defence Planning as Strategic Fact

Henrik Breitenbauch (Redaktør), André Ken Jakobsson (Redaktør)

Publikation: Bog/rapportAntologiForskningpeer review


Defence Planning as Strategic Fact provides and elaborates on an "upstream" focus on the variegated organizational, political and conceptual practices of military, civilian administrative and political leaderships involved in defence planning, offering an important security and strategic studies supplement to the traditional "downstream" focus on the use of force.

The book enables the reader to engage with the role of ideas in defence planning, of organizational processes and biases, path dependencies and administrative dynamics under the pressures of continuously changing domestic and international constraints. The chapters show how defence planning must be seen as a constitutive element of defence and strategic studies – that it is a strategic fact of its own which merits particular practical and scholarly attention.

As defence planning creates the conditions behind every peace upheld or broken and every war won or lost, Defence Planning as Strategic Fact will be of great use to scholars of defence studies, strategic studies, and military studies. This book was originally published as a special issue of Defence Studies.
UdgivelsesstedUnited Kingdom
Antal sider148
ISBN (Trykt)9780367417239
ISBN (Elektronisk)9780367817268
StatusUdgivet - 2020
Udgivet eksterntJa


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