Danish feasibility study of a new innovation for treating alcohol disorders in primary care: the 15-method

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Background: The 15-method: a new brief intervention tool for alcohol problems in primary care has shown promising results in Sweden for mild to moderate alcohol use disorders. The present study evaluated the 15-method’s usability, organizational integration, and overall implementation feasibility in Danish general practice in preparation for a large-scale evaluation of the method’s effectiveness in identifying and treating alcohol problems in general practice. Methods: Five general practices in the Central and Southern Region of Denmark participated: seven general practitioners (GPs), eight nurses. Participants received a half day of training in the 15-method. Testing of implementation strategies and overall applicability ran for 2 months. A focus group interview and two individual interviews with participating GPs along with five individual patient interviews concluded the study period. Results: Results indicate that implementation of the 15-method is feasible in Danish general practice. The healthcare professionals and patients were positive about the method and its possibilities. The method was considered a new patient centered treatment offer and provided structure to a challenging topic. An interdisciplinary approach was much welcomed. Results indicate that the method is ready for large scale evaluation. Conclusions: Implementation of the 15-method is considered feasible in Danish general practice and large-scale evaluation is currently being planned.

TidsskriftBMC Primary Care
Udgave nummer1
StatusUdgivet - feb. 2022

Bibliografisk note

Funding Information:
The project was funded by an unconditional grant by the research and donation fund TrygFonden, a part of the Scandinavian insurance company Tryg. The funder had no role in the conduct, analysis, interpretation, reporting or presentation of the work.

Funding Information:
We want to thank the participating general practices and patients for participating and TrygFonden for funding the study. We also want to thank Marianne Risager for proof reading.

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© 2022, The Author(s).


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