Curriculum Planning and Evaluation

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The assessment for this module is aligned with the module learning outcomes, as stated in the Getting Started book
This written piece of work is designed to support you in deepening your knowledge and understanding of the theory, principles and approaches to curriculum design and evaluation through proposing a new or revised curriculum that is relevant to your own professional practice context.
The assignment takes the form of a single written piece of work (4000 words ± 10%). To support your initiation and progression of the assignment, it has been divided into three sections reflecting the order in which the learning materials and activities are presented through the module. Additional guidance for each section is provided in this document and there is an opportunity for all students to gain peer and tutor feedback on their evolving curriculum matrix (the formative assessment).
Assignment task
Develop a plan for a new or revised curriculum, which you think is appropriate for your own context. As part of that plan you should create a proposal for a learning needs assessment and clear explanation and justification for the design decisions which are evident in your new/revised curriculum. The account of your design should incorporate critical review of relevant curriculum design theories, concepts and principles and integrate literature presented through this module and that associated with your own reading.
The inclusion of your curriculum matrix is an essential part of this summative work and you should ensure that the main discussion aligns with the information presented in the matrix.
Guidance on content, structure and word count
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StatusUdgivet - 17. jul. 2018

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