Creation of Auditing Knowledge: Focus on Fundamentals

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Even though auditing research could play a role in understanding the many challenges that are threatening the profession, and in providing possible solutions, it seems to have failed in adequately doing so. This is for a major part because of a lack of research into auditing's basic assumptions, and a too one-sided view on the creation of auditing knowledge. The purpose of this paper is to call for more (diverse) research in this area. Earlier calls have been few and far between, and have not resulted in a lot of research. Within the last two decades though, the auditing universe has changed so much that high-quality auditing research never has been needed more. By reviewing available literature challenges to the auditing profession are explored, and the creation of knowledge in general and auditing knowledge in particular are discussed with respect to methodological approaches and operative paradigms. The article concludes with implications for future research.

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StatusUdgivet - 2008
BegivenhedEuropean Accounting Association Doctoral Colloquium - Sintra, Portugal
Varighed: 21. apr. 200724. jul. 2007
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KonferenceEuropean Accounting Association Doctoral Colloquium

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