Conversion Efficiency of Biogas to Liquids Fuels through Fischer-Tropsch Process

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Demand for non-fossil liquid transport fuels is increasing and biogas to liquid fuels conversion is one possible way to produce liquid fuels. Conversion of natural gas to liquid fuels by Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FT-synthesis) is an established process applied at industrial scale. Biogas plants have relatively lower throughput and methane concentration compared to natural gas. Conversion efficiency of carbon in methane to liquid fuel is an important parameter to benchmark conversion technologies.A biogas to liquid fuel conversion process using pressurized water scrubbing, dry methane reforming, and FT-synthesisis proposed.The process parameters are selected by optimization and sensitivity analysis. The process is simulated to calculate the carbon conversion and energy efficiency. The proposed process has a carbon conversion efficiency of 45% and energy efficiency of 30%. For the base case of 10,000 Nm3/h of dry biogas the process requires 7.08 MW of power in addition to 35 and 185 GJ/h of heating and cooling duties, respectively. From 4000 kg/h of methane in the biogas feed 1602 kg/h of FT crude is produced.
Titel23rd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition
Publikationsdato3. jun. 2015
StatusUdgivet - 3. jun. 2015


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