Civil War Settlers: Scandinavians, Citizenship, and American Empire, 1848-1870

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    ForlagCambridge University Press
    Antal sider359
    ISBN (Elektronisk)9781108980135
    StatusUdgivet - 30. apr. 2022

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    Civil War Settlers is the first thorough analysis of Scandinavian Americans, examining citizenship, settler colonialism and whiteness in the Civil War era. Based on thousands of previously unearthed sources in multiple languages, this work brings the untold story of Scandinavian American immigrants to life by focusing on their lived community experience and positioning it within the larger context of western settler colonialism.


    • Citizenship
    • Empire
    • Ethnicity
    • DAHS Book Award

      Rasmussen, Anders Bo (Modtager), 15. mar. 2023

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