BoneBio: The variable sensitivity of breast cancer patients to zoledronic acid

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Abstract Introduction Breast cancer (BC) is the most prevalent cancer among women in Denmark. BC cells frequently metastasize to bone tissue, where they initiate a “vicious cycle” involving the bone resorbing osteoclasts. This results in local bone loss, increased fracture risk, resistance of cancer cells, a reduced quality of life, and survival. Questions Can bone biomarkers (CTX: degradation, PINP: formation) be used for diagnosis and monitoring? Can it detect those patients that are least sensitive to zoledronic acid? Materials and methods 50 BC patients with newly diagnosed bone metastases (80 years or younger). Primary variables: absolute and delta‐values of CTX and PINP, progression of bone disease, and death. Preliminary results Start of recruitment: May 2016 ‐ status: 49/50 pts. After 3 months of treatment with zoledronic acid the median CTX levels are decreased by 69% from baseline (p<0.0001) while median PINP levels are decreased by 62% (p=0.0008). But the percent change from baseline after 3 months of treatment varies from +170% to ‐90% for CTX and from +300% to ‐92% for PINP, indicating large variations in sensitivity to zoledronic acid among patients. In addition, our results indicate that the 9 patients that have died so far were all amongst the less sensitive. Finally, patients with clinical signs of progression in bone disease show elevated marker levels several months in advance. Conclusions Bone biomarkers CTX and PINP seem promising as a complementary tool for diagnosis and monitoring of BC patients with bone metastases. The trial is still ongoing and the last patient is expected to leave the trial in 1 to 3 years. We hope to determine thresholds for PINP and CTX that can be used to detect relapse in bone disease earlier than today. A future routine use of these markers may lead to new individualized treatment strategies improving quality of life and possibly survival.
Publikationsdato29. aug. 2019
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StatusUdgivet - 29. aug. 2019
BegivenhedDanish Cancer Research Days: Danske Kræftforskningsdage - Odense , Danmark
Varighed: 29. aug. 201930. aug. 2019
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KonferenceDanish Cancer Research Days


Marie Julie Møller, A., Bechmann, T., Madsen, J. S., Hugger Jakobsen, E., & Søe, K. (2019). BoneBio: The variable sensitivity of breast cancer patients to zoledronic acid. 38. Abstract fra Danish Cancer Research Days, Odense , Danmark.