Asymptotic aspects of the Teichmüller TQFT

Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen, Jens-Jakob Kratmann Nissen

Publikation: Working paperForskning


We calculate the knot invariant coming from the Teichmüller TQFT [AK1]. Specifically we calculate the knot invariant for the complement of the knot 61 both in the original [AK1] and the new formulation of the Teichmüller TQFT [AK2] for the one-vertex H-triangulation of (S 3, 61).
We show that the two formulations give equivalent answers. Furthermore we apply a formal stationary phase analysis and arrive at the AndersenKashaev
volume conjecture as stated in [AK1, Conj. 1].
Furthermore we calculate the first examples of knot complements in the new formulation showing that the new formulation is equivalent to the original one in all the special cases considered.
Finally, we provide an explicit isomorphism between the Teichmüller TQFT representation of the mapping class group of a once punctured torus and a representation of this mapping class group on the space of Schwartz class functions on the real line.
Antal sider55
StatusUdgivet - 21. dec. 2016
Udgivet eksterntJa


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