Application of risk perception and communication strategies to manage disease outbreaks of coastal shrimp farming in developing countires: A conceptual approach from Bangladesh

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Coastal shrimp aquaculture is one of the major economic activities of the people of developing countries especially in Southeast Asia and Latin America. Risk and uncertainty are very common issues in coastal shrimp industry like in any other business. Various types of risks are associated in shrimp farming like, production risks, technical risks, economical risks and disease of shrimp. However, risk of economic losses due to shrimp mortality (for diseases) is the major concern of the shrimp producers of Bangladesh, India, Thailand, China and many other countries. Poor water quality and high stocking density usually initiate the rapid growth of virus and bacteria in a shrimp farm which in turn cause the disease and mortality of shrimp. Coastal shrimp farms are very densely located in Bangladesh and other Southeast Asian countries. As a result, the viral and bacterial diseases can be easily spread from an infected farm to the non-infected farms. The risk of disease outbreaks in shrimp farms could be effectively prevented and managed by early identification of disease occurrence and by rapid communication of such a risk to the shrimp farmers. The risk perception concept could be adapted for the purpose of identification of diseases occurrence in the initial stage. The vision of this paper is to provide models for the prevention and management of shrimp diseases in coastal shrimp farming of Bangladesh and other developing countries. It is expected that the proposed models could successfully help the farmers to predict the occurrence of diseases at the initial stage and to communicate the message of disease risk to the rest of the farming community via a risk management body. As a result, both the infected and non-infected shrimp farmers of that locality would be aware of the probable risk and take the necessary precautionary measures to reduce that risk.
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ForlagThe National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF)
ISBN (Trykt)1687-580X
StatusUdgivet - 2008
BegivenhedSecond international conference on aquatic resources " Integrated coastal zone management and sustainable development ICAR-08" - Alexandria, Egypten
Varighed: 21. nov. 200825. nov. 2008


KonferenceSecond international conference on aquatic resources " Integrated coastal zone management and sustainable development ICAR-08"

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Cairo, The National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF) = ISSN 1687-580X