An E-Learning Program Improves Patients' Knowledge after Lung Transplantation

Tina Beck Guldager, Charlotte Hyldgaard, Ole Hilberg, Elisabeth Bendstrup*

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Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review


Background: Adherence to immunosuppressive medicine in lung transplant recipients is associated with improved long-term survival. Patient education and support from health care providers are key components. We investigated e-learning as a tool to improve lung transplant recipients' knowledge of post-transplant care such as hygiene, self-monitoring, travel precautions, vaccinations, and the importance of adherence to medication. Objective: To compare the effect of e-learning and conventional patient education with respect to level of knowledge and drug adherence. A single-center open randomized controlled trial design was used. Methods: Lung transplant recipients were randomized to an e-learning program or standard care. One month before a scheduled follow-up visit, the intervention group received a link by e-mail to a 15-min e-learning program. At the follow-up visit, all lung transplant recipients completed two drug adherence questionnaires (Basel Assessment of Adherence with Immunosuppressive medication Scales [BAASIS] and Transplant Adherence Questionnaire [TAQ]) and a questionnaire testing their knowledge of post-transplant care. Results: Fifty lung transplant recipients were randomized with 24 recipients in each group completing the study. Recipient adherence measured by BAASIS showed a tendency toward improved drug adherence in the intervention group compared with the control group (71% vs. 55%, p = 0.23). TAQ showed no difference between the two groups (p = 1.0). Recipients in the intervention group had a significantly higher number of correct answers to questions about transplant-friendly lifestyle (median 11 vs. 10, p = 0.02). Conclusion: A 15-min e-learning program is a simple and effective tool to improve lung transplant recipients' knowledge of post-transplant care.

TidsskriftTelemedicine and e-Health
Udgave nummer7
Sider (fra-til)800-806
StatusUdgivet - 8. jul. 2021

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