Akustisches Charisma Profiling: Auf dem Weg zur digitalen Rhetorik

Oliver Niebuhr, Jana Neitsch, Jan Michalsky

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Modern life is shaped by e-learning, home office, talking machines, virtual meetings and job interviews as well as by a social-media presence that is as influential as possible, both privately and professionally. In short, modern life requires, perhaps more than ever before, charismatic communication skills from all of us. Accordingly, this ability constantly ranks among the top-3 desires of every HR department. But, while the influence of technology on the desire for charismatic speakers can hardly be overlooked, the influence of technology on the training of these speakers has to be searched for with a magnifying glass - at least until now. On the basis of a historical and empirical overview of the elements and effects of speaker charisma, this article explains the important role of technically resolved acoustic voice signals in the orchestra of charisma signals and shows how acoustic charisma can be technically analyzed, measured, and trained. Finally, we point out the interdisciplinary relevance of this research and
development work, e.g., for human-machine interaction and industrial sound design in general.
Bidragets oversatte titelAcoustic Charisma Profiling – Towards the Digitization of Rhetoric
TidsskriftDEGA Akustik Journal
Udgave nummer2
Sider (fra-til)7-22
StatusUdgivet - 11. jun. 2020


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