Advanced composite drone manufacturing

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Advanced composite drone manufacturing – additive manufacturing of continuous carbon fibre composites for function integrated lightweight drone parts Abstract Composite structures are state of the art technology for drones and drone parts. Lighter and stronger structures allow for longer flight time, higher payloads as well as improved flight performance. While composite materials promise huge lightweight potential, several composite manufacturing processes restrain this potential by restricting shape-ability and fibre misalignment during manufacturing. Additive manufacturing with continuous carbon fibres and thermoplastic matrix offers fibre alignment within the printed layers during production. The technology allows freedom of design to manufacture complex shaped parts. The carbon composite drone engine holder presented is designed for additive manufacturing using continuous carbon fibres with a thermoplastic matrix. Its design matches the aerodynamically shaped carbon monocoque of the drone and transmits loads from the engine into the carbon composite skin. Test flights of the drone showed the need for strong and tough materials especially in the front engine section. The required toughness could be achieved by using a thermoplastic matrix. The combination of design for manufacturing, fibre alignment and thermoplastic matrix leads to a light and tough solution. Another approach of ideal fibre alignment within composite manufacturing supports unidirectional alignment in symmetrical drone parts. So-called “spin-composite” manufacturing is a patent-pending manufacturing process for certain drone parts, like multi-copter drone fuselage. The presentation will introduce the technological principle and outline targeted composite structures.
StatusUdgivet - 2019
Begivenhed8th annual world congress of advanced materials - Osaka, Osaka, Japan
Varighed: 22. jul. 201924. jul. 2020


Konference8th annual world congress of advanced materials


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