Activity profile of 10-12-year-old Danish school girls participating in “FIFA 11 for Health” for Europe

Christina Øyangen Ørntoft, Mads Madsen, Rune Rasmussen Lind, Malte Nejst Larsen, Jiri Dvorak, Peter Krustrup

Publikation: Konferencebidrag uden forlag/tidsskriftPosterForskning


Introduction: To evaluate activity profile of the girls in the health education programme, “FIFA 11 for Health” for Europe and to examine potential differences between girls involved in leisure-time sports club activities, i.e. football and other sports, and non-sport-club active girls. The 22 sessions were delivered during school time by trained teachers over 11-week-period, 2x45 min per week. Methods: A total of 34 girls were monitored. The activity profile was monitored using the ZXY tracking system (ChyronHego, Norway), during 4 of the 22 “FIFA 11 for Health” in Europe sessions for a total of 34 girls of which 8 were football club active, 15 were involved in other leisure-time sports and 11 were non-sport-club active. Distance covered in various speed zones (Walking (0-4 km/h), jogging (4.1-8.0 km/h), running (8.1-12.0 km/h), high intensity running (12.1-16.0 km/h) and sprinting (>16 km/h) was determined. Results: The mean distance covered during a session was 2271±971 m, comprising of walking (47.1%), jogging (29.8%), running (13.7%), high intensity running (8.2%) and sprinting (2.1%). No difference were observed in total distance covered for the three groups (football: 2502±928 m, other sports: 2203±882 m and non-sport: 2195±1034m), but the football club active covered more distance than other leisure-time sports with high intensity running (231±128 vs. 160±96 m) and sprinting (65±45 vs. 35±28 m), with intermediate values for the non-sport-club-active girls (197±129 and 57±53 m, respectively, NSCA>OS). Conclusion: The study indicates that the girls are highly active during the “FIFA 11 for Health” for Europe sessions, with more than 1 km of running and multiple brief high-intensity runs. It was also observed that both football club active and non-sport active performed more high-intensity running than the girls engaged in other leisure-time sports than football
Publikationsdato5. dec. 2017
StatusUdgivet - 5. dec. 2017
BegivenhedWorld Conference on Science and Soccer - University of Rennes 2, Rennes, Frankrig
Varighed: 31. maj 20172. jun. 2017


KonferenceWorld Conference on Science and Soccer
LokationUniversity of Rennes 2