A textile origami snake robot for rectilinear locomotion

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Snakes have long captivated robotics researchers due to their effective locomotion, flexible body structure, and ability to adapt their skin friction to different terrains. While extensive research has delved into serpentine locomotion, there remains a gap in exploring rectilinear locomotion as a robotic solution for navigating through narrow spaces. In this study, we describe the fundamental principles of rectilinear locomotion and apply them to design a soft crawling robot using origami modules constructed from laminated fabrics. The modules incorporate pneumatic actuation and anisotropic friction modulation, drawing inspiration from both origami principles and insights gained from the locomotion of snakes. We performed a comprehensive process of design, fabrication, characterization, and analysis of the robot and tested its performance across a variety of terrains with an emphasis on its potential applications in search and rescue and field inspection.

Udgave nummer2
Antal sider11
StatusUdgivet - 16. feb. 2024

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