A Software Development Platform for Mechatronic Systems

Wei Guan

Publikation: AfhandlingPh.d.-afhandling


Software has become increasingly determinative for development of mechatronic systems, which underscores the importance of demands for shortened time-to-market, increased productivity, higher quality, and improved dependability. As the complexity of systems is dramatically increasing, these demands present a challenge to the practitioners who adopt conventional software development approach. An effective approach towards industrial production of software for mechatronic systems is needed.

This approach requires a disciplined engineering process that encompasses model-driven engineering and component-based software engineering, whereby we enable incremental software development using component models to address the essential design issues of real-time embedded systems. To this end, this dissertation presents a software development platform that provides an incremental model-driven development process based on a component-based modeling framework and a number of component-based analysis methods.

The framework offers modeling languages for specifying the system, functional components, runtime environment, and platform. Furthermore, the defined compositional and relational rules of these component models enable rigorous construction of systems. The incremental development process separates the development activities into prefabrication of reusable components, conguration and generation of applications using validated components, and elimination of design errors using model-based analysis and verfication methods. Especially, the latter methods employ appropriate techniques and tools for dierent aspects of design issues.

Finally, the tool-chain supporting these technology is evaluated comparatively
to validate the proposed methods and identify the advantages and
disadvantages of the technologies developed in this work.
StatusUdgivet - jun. 2012

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