A mixed method study – Abuse and violence against children in Vietnam

Christina Louise Lindhardt, Mie Jørgsensen*

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The prevalence of child violence and abuse is a concern in Vietnam. The Vietnamese government are addressing this and exploring ways to stop the abuse in order for children´s to be protected. The national child protection system includes nationally and internationally organizations that work together in Vietnam to protect children.
This project is a cooperation between Denmark and Vietnam in order to exchange educational knowhow and insight in children's rights and health. Education of primary teachers as well as guiding the teachers in preventing abuse and violence and promoting a healthy life for children in Vietnam.
This research aims to identify the experience of abuse and violence towards children amongst primary school teachers in Vietnam and possible ways to address this.
The research is based on a mixed methodology. Questionnaires and Participatory Design method was used. The questionnaires were filled in by the participants. The data are tabulated and analysed using the Wilcoxon signed rank test in STATA Statistical Software (Stata Corp., College Station, TX, USA). A qualitative approach inspired by participatory Design are used and data collected through participant observation, qualitative interviews with the participants. A thematic analysis was used.
Preliminary results indicate that abuse and violence of children is deeply rooted in the Vietnamese culture and belief. However, the final results will be presented for the first time at the conference in Copenhagen June 2020.

The project is funded from The Erasmus Programme EU and University College Absalon, Denmark

Author Correspondence: Mie Østergaard Jørgensen. Email: miej@pha.dk
Publikationsdato4. maj 2020
StatusUdgivet - 4. maj 2020
Begivenhed4th Nordic Conference of Nursing Research - Copenhagen, Danmark
Varighed: 12. okt. 202014. okt. 2020


Konference4th Nordic Conference of Nursing Research