205_WS: Improving the Delivery of Primary Care Through Risk Stratification

Karen Kinder, Troels Kristensen, Chad Abrams

Publikation: Konferencebidrag uden forlag/tidsskriftKonferenceabstrakt til konferenceForskningpeer review


The aim of this workshop is to provide an
insight into how information gained through
applications of risk stratification in the primary
health care sector, from integrated care
networks to primary care clinics and finally at
the individual clinician level can improve the
delivery of primary care.

As has been demonstrated in both public and
private healthcare systems around the globe,
risk stratification contributes to improved
clinical management of populations. This
includes the ability to:
– Predict high-risk individuals for inclusion
in population health management, pharmacy
management, and disease management programs.
– Identify individuals at risk of hospitalization
and re-hospitalization.
– Identify patients whose pharmacy expenditures
are greater than what is predicted based
upon their morbidity profile alone.
– Identify those at risk of uncoordinated care.

The workshop will open with an introductory
presentation on the numerous applications of
risk stratification within the integrated and
primary care sectors. The workshop will then
focus on individual sessions based on three
– Case Management.
– Improving Coordination.
– Pharmaceutical Management.

Each session will be comprised of presentations
illustrating real world case-mix applications.
The workshop would conclude with a plenary
session which would summarize the take home
messages of the three sessions.

Other considerations
The participants will experience first-hand how
to apply risk stratification methods to clinical
management decisions.
Publikationsdato16. jun. 2015
StatusUdgivet - 16. jun. 2015
Begivenhed19th Nordic Congress of General Practice: Sustainable health care through general practice - meeting the demands of a changing world - The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, Gothenburgh, Sverige
Varighed: 16. jun. 201518. jun. 2015


Konference19th Nordic Congress of General Practice
LokationThe Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre


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