Vitamin E diffused versus conventional higly cross-linked (HXLPE) liners in total hip arthroplasty at five years

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Total hip replacement (THR) is one of the most common and successful procedures in joint replacement surgeries. In Denmark (DK) alone, around 9,000 patients receive a primary THA each year, revision rate is stable at 12-14%, and more than 75% of all primary THA last 20 years or more (1). Patients are often able to return to their previous profession within 1-14 weeks after surgery. The two major causes of revision are aseptic loosening and dislocation, and the two together account for more than half of the revisions in 2015 in DK. To further improve THA survival rate, it is natural to investigate options for delaying or eliminating aseptic loosening and reducing dislocation. This protocol aims to investigate the effect of material choice and head size on wear which may play a role in aseptic loosening. Moreover, clinical outcome and patient reported outcome measures (PROM), and a new method to assess wear are also investigated.

The objective of the study is to investigate liner wear, cup migration, and clinical outcome using a factorial design. Treatment groups are E-Poly versus ArComXL liners, and 36 mm versus 32 mm head size.


Kan e-vitamin forlænge levetiden af
den kundstige hofte?
Et prospektivt randomiseret studie om slid, kopmigration og patientrapporteret hoftefunktion og livskvalitet
Kort titelE-poly
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/201801/02/2021


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