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Our ambition is to create the Danish Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) unifying excellent research environments in Denmark. The construction is inspired by the world’s leading universities Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, Yale and also by advanced research centers in the Netherlands and Germany - countries that Denmark compares itself to.

Many other nations have also established institutes for advanced study bringing together la crème de la crème of the world researchers. They all share the recognition that mankind's greatest achievements have come from inner curiosity, giving rise to new ways of thinking and changes in perception. Advancing the free pursuit of knowledge creates the foundation for lasting innovation and, ultimately economic growth.

The DIAS-initiative will fill this gap in the Nordic research environment as it will be the first of its kind among the Nordic countries. It has the ambitious purpose of raising the level of scientific excellence in Denmark with clear benefits for society. Training opportunities will jump to the highest level and provide highly trained candidates for the labor market. We have solid relations with IBM and nVIDIA which are the leading global industries in (super)computer and graphical video cards.

DIAS will ensure a net “brain gain” that enhances Denmark’s most valuable resource – knowledge. From day one DIAS is conceived to be capable to attract a large number of outstanding scientists. A new generation of international researchers will be formed. They will secure the best national and world-wide research positions contributing to further Denmark’s position in the international ranking for science and education.
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