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Metal-organic materials discovered in Odense can reversibly and selectively chemisorb biologically and technologically important gases in the solid state - a function that represents biomimetic activity akin to O2 transport and storage proteins. These materials have potential for application in Artificial Photosynthesis and small scale medical devices. A VKR funded postdoc will focus on the continuation of a project concerning reversible O2 binding by these new materials. He/she will (i) tune supramolecular interactions and synthesize polymeric derivatives in order to optimize the function (ii) characterize the structures of the deoxy and semi-oxy forms (iii) test the possibility of using light as the stimuli for O2 release or activation and (iv) pre-screen materials to ascertain their suitability for full testing of gas sorption properties and (v) assist the group with Xray diffraction experiments. If time permits we wish to extend this new solid-gas technology to other gases important for Artificial Photosynthesis (O2, CO2, CO and H2).
Kort titelMaterials that Breathe
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/201328/02/2015