Using processing improvement models to increase research productivity

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Based on the theoretical foundation of Toyota’s ‘Lean process improvement systems’, University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and Odense University Hospital (OUH), has created a new research strategy. The goal was to create more efficiency and better treatments beneficial for the patients (Ohno, 1988; Lawal et al., 2013). As a part of the new research strategy and based on the Lean concept, the Model of Improvement was created. The model aims at bringing research of the highest international quality closer to the improvement of treatments and the health of patients (Brixen et al.; Region Syddanmark, 2019; Hansen et al., 2017; Langley, 2009; Anhøj, 2015). It is urgently called upon by previous studies to get a shared theoretical model and language within health research and further to improve research productivity and quality (Bisgaard, 2009). The question is whether the Model of Improvement can benefit health research.

The goal is to identify whether the Model of Improvement has made an impact on the publishing behavior and research impact among clinical researchers at SDU and OUH. The PhD will be divided into four subprojects representing four articles, respectively 1) a literature review, 2) a quantitative bibliometric analysis, 3) a qualitative study with interviews.
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