Understanding individuals’ energy consumption in Esbjerg

  • Söderberg, Magnus (PI)

Projekter: ProjektForskning



Understanding individuals’ energy consumption in Esbjerg: The purpose is to develop deep knowledge about individuals’ energy consumption and, in particular, how information about individuals (personal characteristics and energy use) and social norms can be used to make individuals reduce their energy consumption. The background is that the developed world needs to reduce its consumption of energy (and use cleaner energy) to meet the targets formulated in the Paris Agreement. So far, researchers have only evaluated one social norm at the time and implemented it at the same time across all consumers. There are good reasons to believe (e.g. based on findings in medical fields) that norms that are personalised with respect to content and timing can result in norms having a larger impact on consumption. No study has yet investigated such personalised norms. We will implemented them in Esbjerg using students as study objects. With such data we will be able to advance the frontier of what we know about energy consumption and to build a unique knowledge base at SDU in Esbjerg. The analyses based on students (i.e. single family households) will also play the role as a pilot for a larger project based on regular households. This larger, follow-up, project will recruit new researchers to SDU in Esbjerg.


Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201831/12/2019