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TRAITGRASS will train a new generation of entrepreneurial and innovative ESRs with the ability to convert knowledge and ideas into products and services for economic and social benefit, able to face current and future challenges in the field of seagrass trait management and climate change mitigation needed in a carbon free and biodiverse society.

TRAITGRASS provides scientific excellence and excellent transferable skills thus enhancing career perspectives in both the academic and nonacademic sectors through international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral mobility combined with an innovation-oriented mind-set.

This will be accomplished through an excellent international consortium of approx. 8 academic and 5 non-academic partners that will collaborate to provide supervision, training and research activities from fundamental (basic) to applied research and development, equipping the ESRs with the skills and competences requested by the industry, academia and society. TRAITGRASS will extend the traditional academic research training setting for ESRs by incorporating elements of open science, innovation and entrepreneurship. Thereby providing the right combination of research related and transferable skills acquired through international, interdisciplinary and intersectional mobility combined with an innovation orientated mindset. Each ESR hosted at an academic partner will have a secondment at a non-academic partner and vice versa. This will directly enhance the ESRs employability.


In TRAITGRASS we will establish an interdisciplinary and intersectoral ITN of 10-14 international participants for the training of 12 ESRs to become the next generation European marine ecologists. The overall aim of TRAITGRASS is to develop tools, techniques, applications and best practices to better understand how functional traits scale upwards to crucial ecosystem functions and responses to climate changes. MESB addresses the following 5 objectives:
1) Identifying of gaps, needs and methods to develop and implement trait-based approaches to seagrass ecosystems.
2) To identify the tool-box needed to facilitate trait based seagrass ecology.
3) To facilitate and ignite a paradigm shift in costal marine ecology providing a more holistic picture of how seagrass ecosystems will thrive in future oceans under global / climate change.
4) Provide predictive models for restauration and protection of coastal ecosystems
5) Provide tools that allow linking trait phenotype integration with ecosystem funct.ioning.

TRAITGRASS is timely as trait-based approaches are an emerging novel method based on the analysis of traits, the quantifiable characteristics of a phenotype, related to their functioning and modulating their fitness, which are presumably governed by specific genes. This approach allows to understand why and how ecological systems and their components operate differently across environments. TRAITGRASS will develop a trait-based approach for seagrass-ecosystems that will increase our understanding about their structure, distribution and functioning, as well as on the capacity to assess their fate and their evolution in the frame of climate change. Giving a functional and quantitative perspective to factors controlling biodiversity and to the way it affects processes at higher levels of organisation, will improve management strategies, which is vital in the current era of rapid environmental change.
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