Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriet - EUopSTART - THERMOFAT: A regenerative approach with thermogenic adipose tissue to combat obesity and improve systemic metabolism

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Future clinical applications of THERMOFAT outcomes include potential treatment/prevention of obesity/metabolic syndrome/T2D.

Ambition: to develop innovative therapeutics and to generate implantable devices or cells to increase the beige/brown adipocyte mass in overweight/obese/T2D subjects, thus improving body weight and blood glucose and lipid control and preventing the plethora of multi-organ complications of these chronic conditions.

Background to the project: Already identified new targets and their characterization to stimulate brown adipose tissue and WAT browning to enhance energy dissipation via thermogenesis and consequent reduction of fat mass and BMI in obese/diabetic patients

Phases of work: • Identification and testing of new determinants of preadipocyte differentiation to brown/beige adipocytes (month 1-24) • in vitro differentiation of preadipocytes/MSC to brown/beige cells amenable to scaling-up to produce transplantable BAT/beige adipocytes (month 6-30) • in vivo reprogramming of WAT to beige/brown AT by pharmacologic interventions with natural compounds (month 1-18) • proof of concept in mouse models of obesity/T2D (month 24-48) • manipulation of human adipocyte precursors to induce brown/beige adipocyte differentiation and thermogenesis (month 12-54) • therapy's exploitation potential, regulatory and commercialization strategy and how to make it available and delivered to patients, as a new approach for therapy taken further in the development pipeline (month 1-60)

Lead Users: healthcare system, public authorities, pharmaceutical companies, universities. End Users: patients, medical doctors, caregivers, researchers.
Effektiv start/slut dato21/02/201905/10/2019