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growJelly explores Jellyfish (JF) as bioresource for a series of products such as bioink for 3D bioprinting, climate friendly bioactive compounds such as collagen, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals. Our overall aim is to develop a pest/waste into a valuable bioresource by outlining several value chains based on JF biomass. In addition, we assess the potential of biofouling (BF) on aquaculture cages (also a pest) as feed additive for JF aquaculture itself, thereby promoting a circular BlueBio economy. Based on our pilot studies we outline guidelines and best-practice for

(i) sustainable cultivation and harvest of cultivable JF,

(ii) handling and processing of both wild and cultivated JF and criteria for assessment of products,

(iii) development of products from JF biomass, and

(iv) industrial growth potential and regulatory needs to promote the BlueBio economy.

It will be exciting to see the development of JF collagen into a resource for 3D bioprinting, this would open a pathway to a fast-growing sector. growJelly will achieve its objectives through co-production of the project partners (academic institutions, R&I Departments and industry) and relevant stakeholder. growJelly, therefore will reduce waste and promote BlueBio economy (BBE) by addressing the concept of circular economy and cover the TRL of 2-6 and thereby generate value chains from production of unutilized marine resources to processing, generating innovative products and services within the sustainable bioeconomy.
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