Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriet - EUopSTART - Capture, recycling and societal management of phosphorus in the environment “RecaP"

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Capture and recycling of P back into the circular economy along with a societal change towards a sustainable management of P is the overriding scientific impact of RecaP. RecaP will produce new knowledge on e.g. P compounds of high quality for plant growth, separation processes for selective P capture and novel P binding materials that can be used to improve e.g. sewage treatment processes and urban runoff treatment of importance for P recovery and subsequent P recycling. This will add value to the waste water treatment plants, that might be able to transform a waste product such as sludge into a valuable asset, or to operate their plants in an improved way that ensure that less P is discharged to the aquatic environment. In addition, the network will provide novel information on lake managements that will benefit e.g. consulting agencies and other lake managers, along with the freshwater ecosystem themselves and increase the ecosystem services of these systems. RecaP will increase the likelihood of ESRs finding innovative solutions and contribute to a knowledge based economy and society, by a cross disciplinary approach, with a strong involvement of the non-academic partners collaborating with excellent scientific research environments. RecaP will impact society directly through the training of 15 highly qualified, ultidisciplinary and innovative ESR´s employable in the academic and nonacademic sector and thereby drive the practise of P towards a sustainable circular bioeconomy. RecaP will increase the international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral mobility of researchers in Europe through secondments RecaP will further impact society by providing new knowledge available for the wider scientific and public audience, which will boost and secure the future research in P sustainability, provide knowledge for future political decisions and raise public awareness. This will be achieved by publishing policy reports and position papers both in close collaboration with EU and national authorities. RecaP will actively utilize outreach activities in order disseminate relevant results to the public at large, including involvement of interest organizations and publications in the local press. Dissemination and exploitation of the results of RecaP will be guaranteed by publications, patents, symposia and workshops, both during the project duration and after completion of the grant agreement.
Effektiv start/slut dato25/02/201815/01/2020