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AC will train a new generation of innovative ESRs with the ability to convert knowledge and ideas into products and services for economic and social benefit. It will enable them to face current and future challenges in questions from chemistry and biochemistry and to attack these with strong computational, algorithmical and modeling skills. This will be done through a carefully composed international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral consortium consisting of X academic and 2 very large industrial partners, providing a strong programme of supervision, training and research activities, thereby equipping the ESRs with the skills, competences, and experience requested by the industry, academia and society. AC will thus foster scientific excellence and strong transferable skills and will enhance career perspectives of the ESRs in both the academic and nonacademic sectors, and will thereby improve inter-sectoral mobility. The efforts in AC will also lead to a strong network of the competences in algorithmic cheminformatics present in Europe, and through the large industrial partners in the consortium, there will be an unusually short path from research ideas to application areas, leading to economical growth.

All of these actions and effects are very well aligned with the objectives of the H2020 ITN call.


Algorithmic cheminformatics is the application of formalisms and computational methods from core computer science to chemistry. While the fields of algorithmic bioinformatics and computational biology are strong success cases of transdisciplinary collaboration between life sciences and computer science, the field of algorithmic cheminformatics has seen much less activities and is close to unexplored. However, the potential for breakthroughs in areas like synthesis planning, mass spectrometry, or personalized medicine are huge. Recent developments in Big Data, machine learning, algorithmic engineering, and parallel computing only adds to this picture. However, competencies in Europe are very scattered and the scientific field as such is only starting to emerge. The situation in companies (e.g., chemical, pharmaceutical, mass spectrometer vendors) is of course no better. Only by combining recent advances in computer science with the expert knowledge in chemistry can such a field emerge, with the ensuing potential large economic impact for Europe.

The project Algorithmics Cheminformatics (AC) will establish an ITN for the training of 15 ESRs in order to achieve improve on this situation. Our interdisciplinary and highly ambitious endeavour will allow for a whole range of opportunities for innovation contributing to Europe's competitiveness and growth in research and industry.
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