Trailing trailers

  • Heiselberg, Lene (Co-PI)
  • Rooney, Brendan (Overordnet koordinator)
  • Tan, Ed (Projektleder)
  • Gregersen, Andreas (Overordnet koordinator)
  • Langkjær, Birger (Overordnet koordinator)
  • Thomsen, Morten (Overordnet koordinator)
  • Oxfeldt, Michael (Overordnet koordinator)
  • Riis, Johannes (Overordnet koordinator)

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Trailing trailers is a joint research project on the effect of fil and tv trailers using GSR measurements and facial expressions.
KU, DR Audience Research, University College Dublin
Effektiv start/slut dato04/02/201901/07/2020