The weight of cities and dematerialization and decarbonization implications

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Cities present both the problems and solutions to sustainability challenges.
Urbanization is largely a process of the development of urban built environment
stocks, which facilitate access to human needs and consequently lead to
environmental impacts throughout the entire life cycle (built-up, operation,
retrofitting, and waste management phases). Urban metabolism research has
hitherto been focusing on characterizing urban flows; however, urban stocks and
their implications on the trade-offs and synergies between direct and indirect
environmental impacts mitigation remain poorly understood. In this project, we
propose to develop a method to characterize the physical weight, material
composition, spatial distribution, and historical dynamics of built environment
stocks for case Danish cities (e.g., Odense). The results will help inform
sustainable waste management, urban planning, dematerialization, and
decarbonization strategies.
Kort titelCityWeight
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201630/06/2021


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