The role of 3D-printing technologies in international entrepreneurship - an advanced research agenda_Hannibal

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3D-printing technology is emerging as a key enabling technology of this decade. The relatively low cost and high quality desktop 3D-printers have given rise to new firms, and many of them operate globally from day one. While these international new ventures (INVs) show a strong potential for business, they often struggle with developing a viable business plan, and have difficulty navigating in an environment where products and services are easily duplicated. However, we still lack knowledge about interactions between INV-business models, global markets and the 3D-technology. In addressing this gap, the project will, during a four months research stay in the United States, develop a conceptual framework for studying the role of 3D-technologies in INVs in cooperation with a leading researcher in International Entrepreneurship. Moreover, it will compile new data on key entrepreneurial circles on the cutting edge of employing 3D-printing technologies.


Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/201630/09/2016