The leisure/health nexus

  • Michelsen la Cour, Annette (Projektdeltager)

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The focus of this book is to explore past, current and future intersections between leisure and health by considering previous research and academic thought. We seek to reveal and critique to readers the nuanced ways that leisure impacts health as well as considering how health professions use leisure as ‘tool’. Readers will be challenged to explore future intersections between leisure and health. The book seeks to extend thinking from work published in 2019 by three of the co-editors in Annals of Leisure Research, “Leisure and health: conjoined and contested concepts” (Peel, Maxwell & McGrath 2019) by deploying an intersectionality framework (Valentine 2010) to explore and discuss the leisure/health nexus globally. The chapters to be included in the book will be diverse in nature using an overarching eco (ecological/environmental), bio(biological), psycho (psychological), social (sociological) lens. Our aim is to provide readers with the opportunity to further understandings of the multiplicity of intersections across leisure and health. Many of the chapters will include case-studies which consider developing leisure and health themes, particularly in relation to a number of emerging environmental, health and societal challenges that confront the world.


Legens og latterens betydning som metode i intervention for ældre idrætsuvante i sundhedsrisikogruppen. En undersøgelse af latterens betydning for sundhed.


At ældre mennesker, der aldrig har været fysisk aktive kan overskride den barriere fysisk aktivitet er for dem, ved at bruge metoder der bygger på lege og latter i små sociale grupper. En undersøgelse af latterens betydning for sundhed.
Kort titelSeniors on the Move: towards a life of better health through good laughs and trust building. Findings from a study of an intervention in Copenhagen.
Effektiv start/slut dato24/06/202022/11/2022


  • University of Tasmania (leder)
  • Alliance for Research in Exercise, Nutrition and Activity (ARENA): Associate member UniSA Allied Health & Human Performance


  • Leisure, health, inactivity, laughter, trust