The impact of antidepressant use

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In this study, we investigate how antidepressants affect socioeconomic outcomes of treated individuals and their families. This is an important topic because, despite the prevalence in antidepressant use, there is remarkably little evidence on the effects of antidepressants beyond clinical outcomes. Our proposal makes several contributions. First, we employ an innovative research design that yields causal effects by exploiting the exogenous variation in antidepressant use due to physician differences in the propensity to prescribe antidepressants. Second, we investigate the effects of antidepressant use on a large set of outcomes including labor market outcomes, family formation, fertility and delinquency. Third, we rely on large samples from rich register data to separately examine short- and long-term effects. Fourth, we study spillover effects within the family. Overall, our project provides crucial information to policymakers, health professionals, and patients.


Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/201515/02/2019