The Digital (Re)semiotisation of Buying and Selling Interaction

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    The Digital Resemiotisation of Buying and Selling Interaction (RESEMINA) is a VELUX funded research project investigating how shopping in brick- and mortar stores is translated into a digital experience online. Specifically, it examines what constitutes practices of shopping in brick-and mortar shops as compared to shopping on-line by reference to types of products and types of shops, e.g. electronic warehouses, grocery stores, supermarkets, book shops. The project brings together research within multi-modal EMCA and Social Semiotics and explores if and how concepts and notions that are fundamental to both areas may be combined in a common approach to the RESEMINA investigations. The data consists of video-recordings of customers shopping in brick- and mortar shops as well as on-line. Additionally, eye-tracker recordings are being used.
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/201826/07/2022


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