The Coming Multi-Order World - Power, Principles and Practice in Times of Transformational Change

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The international system is today in a process of transformation, which many believe will herald a return to multipolarity. This project agrees that we are indeed witnessing a process of systemic transformation, but the project starts from the premise that what lies ahead is not a multipolar world, but a multi-order world. The overall ambition of the project is to contribute to a better understanding of the current transformational change and to prepare for the coming multi-order world. The project is timely and important because systemic transformation is a rare but significant occurrence that is often accompanied with conflict, war and political upheaval and which is always felt as deeply unsettling. The urgent challenge for the global international society is therefore to figure out how to achieve global sustainable and cooperative governance under the new systemic multi-order conditions. The project brings new thinking forward by offering new theorizing on the current systemic transformation; by categorizing international orders into four different types of orders, and by introducing the concept multi-order governance as an analytic for understanding how to facilitate cooperation between multiple international orders across divisions of power, practice and principle.
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