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    An interdisciplinary one-year pilot-project with the following 6 applicants: Marco Chiarandini, Associate professor, and Luís Croz-Filipe, Associate professor at Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (IMADA), Nathali Pilegaard, Ph.D. Student, Sara Mosberg Iversen, Associate professor, Susana Tosca, Professor & Heidi Philipsen, Associate professor, all from Department for the Study of Culture (IKV). Our main contributions with the project are to develop knowledge of green film/tv-productions preprocesses and to design and test a ‘sGreenplay software application’ during three workshops: two with students from Media Studies, IKV, one with screenwriters from the film/tv-industry. Our app will be set to calculate and illustrate the CO2 impact of traditional production standards and show the potential CO2 savings from choosing alternative options and locations. Development of a computational model for optimizing the climate footprint in the film/tv industry, is thus our goal.
    Kort titelsGreenplay
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/12/202201/12/2023


    • Bæredygtig film- og tv-produktion
    • Bæredygtig manuskriptudvikling
    • Sustainability
    • Sustainable screenwriting