Support Exchange: The effect on entrepreneurs’ performance in an uncontrollable online world

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With a Young Researcher Fellowship grant of 4.524.300 DKK from the Carlsberg Foundation, this project will launch a new research agenda in the field of entrepreneurship explaining how social media influences entrepreneurial performance through mental well-being and cognition. By establishing a new research group of national and international experts, the project has crucial implications for how entrepreneurs deal with various online challenges. Through a unique three-study design of data scraping from online social media platforms, experience sampling of entrepreneurs and a longitudinal three-wave study, the project enables theorizing of online support exchanges with practical implications on how to be active online, which online skills are required, and how to operate and perform in a more uncontrollable support environment. The project has an ambitious publication strategy as well as a plan for dissemination to communicate results to entrepreneurs, policy makers and consultants.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/07/202130/06/2025


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