Superradiant single quantum emitters

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The next disruptive step in information and sensing technology will be related to the employment of quantum effects. Single quantum emitters (SQEs) have become versatile coherent light sources for efficient and integrable new devices. Applications span from quantum computing to chemistry and life sciences. A potential route to increase the efficiency of nanoscale light sources is to utilize a collective light emission phenomenon called superradiance (SR). The intensity of the emitted light scales with the square of the number of emitters while the coherence of the light is maintained. In this project, we will construct a novel superradiant light source. We will enable SR using a system of SQEs created by local doping of atomically thin 2D materials. The interaction between individual emitters is facilitated by tailored nanoplasmonic cavities. We use processes that are compatible with standard technologies in electronics and photonics, that way facilitating integration into existing information and sensing platforms.
Kort titelSuperQE
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/202328/02/2025


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