SHARE: Helsefonden

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Since 2004 Denmark has participated in the SHARE survey under the management of the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). Furthermore, since 2017 Danish SHARE data have been merged with register data from Statistics Denmark. This database, REGLINK‐SHAREDK, is of unique value for societal and health research. Longitudinal interview data, which includes subjective and objective data on representative Danes, in combination with register data, provides unique opportunities for analyses and evidence based knowledge on relevant cause‐response mechanisms, not the least when it comes to the question why we age differently. SHARE data and research projects based on these can thus contribute to implementation of new policy initiatives addressing challenges following an ageing Denmark and Europe. Only few other countries can do this; research based on REGLINK-SHAREDK is thus internationally acknowledged. It is important that decision makers can access the most outstanding knowledge on these areas when meeting challenges from an ageing population. A continued Danish participation in SHARE is thus essential but is conditioned on financing the last three waves of data collection.
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