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The region of Southern Denmark has had a long historical tradition for a strong involvement in the maritime sector, but the region has for the last 50 years been especially known for its deep involvement in the offshore sector, with Esbjerg as a key location in Northern Europe. The sector is now well-established and continues to grow, currently undertaking a radical transformation. This development is influenced by different factors, including an increase in offshore oil and gas decommissioning, as well as the rapidly growing offshore wind farms and plans for building large energy islands. These islands will serve as electro fuel production and bunkering facilities but will also become hubs that facilitate better connections between the energy generated from offshore wind constructions and the zero emission energy systems ashore. These developments all lead to important challenges and opportunities for the maritime sector. For instance, a strong focus on the maritime offshore sector is essential to realize the plans for developing the energy offshore sector and the connected goals for costs, efficiency, sustainability, performance etc. in all stages of the life cycle, from design, construction, operation, and maintenance to the final decommissioning. The maritime offshore activities will therefore be essential for reaching the United Nations (UN) 2030 and 2050 climate targets. The idea of the project is to investigate multiple aspects of this transition.
The project portfolio consists of six interconnected work packages (WP 1-6) that serve as part of a holistic collaboration platform that will significantly energize the maritime research at SDU. The topics are interdisci-plinary and cover a wide range of maritime disciplines, such as:
• Sustainability, safety, and risks
• Energy efficiency, maintenance, propulsion technologies and fuels
• Business history
• Business and Logistics
• Regulation
• Human factors, health, socio-economic issues
• Naval architecture and maritime operations
All work packages, though separate in their research focus, are interconnected and important to the project, as the breadth and interdisciplinarity of the initiative is what makes it unique in a Danish context.
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