Research Center Heidelberg - Phospholipid‐Based Solid Dispersions for Enhanced Oral Absorption of Poorly Soluble Drugs

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We would like to investigate the ability of phospholipids to form solid dispersions of poorly water soluble drugs. Ideally, such solid dispersions contain the drug in dissolved state (solid solution) or in amorphously dispersed state (amorphous drug dispersion). Our hypothesis is that phospholipid‐based amorphous drug dispersions have a potential to enhance drug bio‐availability upon oral administration by means of forming supersaturated drug solutions. We apply for co‐funding for a proof‐of‐concept study. To this end we plan to prepare blends of phospholipids with selected model drugs by micro‐scale solvent‐evaporation methods (mainly spray drying), characterize their solid state right after preparation and during storage. Subsequently, we shall study their dissolution‐, supersaturation‐ and in‐vitro permeation‐behavior. In order to preliminarily study IVIVC, for selected pilot‐formulation in‐vitro permeation‐behavior will be compared to bioavailability enhancement in rats.
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