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  • Edwards, Alistair (Overordnet koordinator)

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My research (currently funded by the Lundbeck Foundation) centres around mappingprotein modifications in the brain using mass spectrometry. The field is constantlyadvancing, with new methods and improvements on existing methods being regularlydeveloped. The ASMS conference, held annually in the USA, is the foremost conference inmass spectrometry and associated topics in the world. The conference covers areas such asthe interface between biology and MS, as well as separation techniques such as liquidchromatography and other analytical techniques used in combination with MS, all of whichare central to my research. Accordingly, the ASMS conference is undoubtedly the idealplace to efficiently get the required exposure and information in order to be up to date withmy area. The presented topics across the conference cover the entire range of MS relatedareas, and include over one thousand posters and one hundred oral presentations. I myselfhave an accepted abstract detailing the first stages of my research into brain development -the feeedback I will receive from this will be invaluable in allowing me to fine-tune mystrategies, particularly bioinformatics-related, and will help me to be aware of what novelapproaches are being produced and applied. Furthermore, it is essential from a professionaldevelopment point of view to gain exposure to the best ideas and people in the area ofbiological MS - this conference is one of the best places to achieve this, as most of theleaders in the field will be present - and to be challenged on the decisions you have taken.Communication of your work is an essential part of the research process, and one whichrequires as much effort and practice as the experimental aspects of it if you wish to besuccesful. Therefore, the experience of presenting novel and significant research to mypeers will greatly aid my communication skills. Furthermore, many new ideas andtechnologies, both commercial and non-commercial, are released annually at ASMS, whichonce more keep me competetitive on a global field
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