Prometheus: Patient Empowerement

  • Larsen, Henry (Overordnet koordinator)
  • Heiberg Skouby, Andreas (Overordnet koordinator)
  • Friis, Preben (Overordnet koordinator)
  • Ryöppy, Merja (Overordnet koordinator)
  • Strøbech, Elena (Overordnet koordinator)

Projekter: ProjektForskning



PROject for a Medically Educated, Transformed, HEalthy and united Society


In Prometheus project, we have used improvised theatre with (Theatre Lab’s) professional actors to research conversations about shared decision making in cancer treatment processes. We invited staff from the Vejle hospital together with patient and relative representants for a series of theatre workshops, where doctors, nurses, patients and relatives were asked to tell stories about their social encounters related to cancer treatment. The stories altered from real-life experiences of difficult and emotional conversations, such as telling/getting a cancer diagnosis, to incidents that are perceived as typical, such as the pressure of time during a consultation. The actors listen to the stories and play them back to the participants as realistic as possible. Afterwards we ask the participants, what did they notice in the enacted situation.
Presenting such a scene is an invitation to reflection. What we experience through improvised theatre, is to open up for new ways to understand one’s own role and how conversations can be conducted in a way that give more meaning for multiple stakeholders.
Kort titelPrometheus
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201531/08/2018



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