Power-to-X Kassø

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PtX plant in Kassø is the world´s first large-scale commercial e-Methanol production facility with the hydrogen being provided by a 50 mega-watt (MW) electrolyzer plant by Siemens Energy. This will be constructed at Kassø, which is west of Aabenraa in southern Denmark and close to the German border. The project will have access to the low cost renewable electricity required to make cost-effective e-Fuel through the nearby 300 MW solar park of Kassø, created by European Energy. End users of the e-Methanol will be the shipping company Maersk and the fuel retailer Circle K among others. The project secures the e-Methanol supply for Maersk`s first e-Methanol driven container vessel, and thus demarks the starting point into CO2-neutral shipping in large-scale. Start of commercial methanol production is planned for second half of 2023.
Kort titelPtX
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/202231/08/2023


  • Aalborg Universitet (Projektpartner)
  • European Energy (Projektpartner) (leder)


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