PotBot - Autonomous transportation of plants

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PotBot – Autonomous transportation of potted plants in horticultural gardens
In the last years, mobile robot technologies have with the maturing of AI and novels sensor technologies, entered many new domains, seen new spectacular applications, and fostered new start-ups, but this development has still not reached the horticultural supply chain. One reason are the barriers created by the inherent complexity of the horticultural environments, as they often are only partially known, partially structured, potentially wet and damp, may contain both acid and basic aerosol components, and simultaneously have both indoor and outdoor parts – all factors that make it quite difficult for mobile robots to operate fully autonomously and robustly.

In PotBot we aim to help (robot) technology providers, (robot) technology integrators, end-users and the horticultural industry pave the way across these barriers by together mapping the “horticultural logistics landscape” and matching the right technologies – e.g., mobile robot platforms, computer vision, AI, optical flow- and line-following sensors, safety systems, and human-robot-interaction components – to the right balance of human-robot work-division and thus the right level of autonomy.
Kort titelPotBot
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