Patients who are discharged from hospital often experience challenges as the responsibility for treatment, care, and rehabilitation shifts to multiple actors in both primary and secondary sectors. To address these challenges, focus has increased on developing a coherent health care system that is able to integrate care across sectors and across diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, exercise training, and health promotion. To ensure high quality of such care, and patient involvement in integrated care, we need to draw on patients’ experiences in a valid and structured way because each individual patient is the only person who has information about all aspects of his or her specific care journey. A reliable cross sectorial patient-reported experience measure (PREM) will structure and express this invaluable information but there exists no validated, reliable questionnaire that captures the concept of patient-experienced quality in integrated care. This project aims to develop such a PREM to enable valid, scientifically reliable data in quality improvement. This may allow for systematically uncovering areas for improvement and evaluating the effect of improvement initiatives for coordination across health care sectors.
Participants: This project is an affiliation between the research unit PROgrez and the research unit for quality and patient safety, OPEN.
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