Optimization of heat distribution in autoclaves

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The objective of the project is to secure an optimal, homogeneous heat distribution in autoclaves for sterilization of various items for the food industry etc. based on mathematical modelling. It is a known and important technological challenge to secure an adequate homogeneous heat distribution in the autoclave. The variation in heat in terms of the process is expected to stay within 1K inside the autoclave. Knowing the exact distribution of heat is important to ensure en effective sterilization with a minimum use of resources to ensure there is no uncertainty about the validity of the sterilization process.

The project is expected to give the company an overview of relevant simulation models for describing and securing a homogeneous heat distribution in the company’s autoclaves. This will ensure the costumers confidence in the product and at the same time ensure the foundation for optimization of the design and control of the autoclaves.

The University of Southern Denmark will contribute with knowledge and work regarding mathematical simulation of heat distribution and energy optimization of heating systems. KEA Phønix will contribute with knowledge about autoclaves and testing of autoclaves. KEA Phønix also contributes with knowledge about the costumers needs as regards to simulation and visualization etc.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/201430/06/2015



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