Occupational allergic diseases among harvesting fishermen at the open sea : a systematic review

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About 59.6 million people work in the fishing and aquaculture sectors worldwide(1). Evidence for exposure-related diseases in seafarers and fishermen is rare, but contact to seafood and other allergenic compounds occurs frequently in their workplaces. (one article for harvesting and one for seafood processing)
When analyzing reports found in recent literature, risk level of allergic diseases in fishing-related occupations and exposures weren’t clearly described. Recently two reviews on allergies caused by fish and shellfish have been published. One on diagnosis of fish and shellfish allergies (2) and a comprehensive review of fish and shellfish allergies (3). Those reviews focused on food allergy and the bio-molecular characterization of 20 allergenic proteins within three distinct seafood groups. Jeebhay, Lopata and Cartier published several papers on occupational allergy to seafood and in seafood-processing workers (4-11). They focused more on onshore factory workers than on seamen, fishermen and marine workers. Their most recent paper was published in 2013 (5). So, except our review on asthma in maritime environment, no review on occupational allergic diseases in this population has been published yet. no cases of Occupational Asthma (OA) due to exposure to seafood have been recently published in national register and very few occupational allergic diseases were recognized by national insurances.
Maybe there is a healthy worker effect, but we think that, primarily physicians have a lack of knowledge on those pathologies.
This review should be relevant to improve knowledge on the epidemiology, causative agents and diagnoses of those occupational diseases. It could also be a support for information and education of physicians involved in allergology (dermatologist, allergologist, ophthalmologist, ORL, occupational and environmental physicians)
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