INTRODUCTION – brief project description
The purpose is to promote well-being by investigating how nursing with a focus on existential movement can support integration of physical activity in everyday life.
Integrating physical activity in everyday life is a clear public health strategy as physical activity improves overall health and well-being. However, integrating physical activity in everyday life is challenging - especially for people suffering from chronic diseases. There is a need for an investigation of ill people’s experiences and meaning making of physical activity and movement and how this relates to the nursing goal of well-being. Therefore, this project aims to investigate the phenomenon of existential movement and physical activity as experienced by people with chronic disease and use this knowledge to develop a person-centred nursing framework that enables the integration of physical activity in everyday life and promotes well-being.
Target group
To ensure that knowledge gained from this postdoc will be applicable on a diverse group of people with chronic disease, the studies will involve a heterogenic sample of people with at least one chronic disease like Multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and Ischemic heart disease, their families and nurses.
This project has potential on two levels: 1) It provides knowledge on ill peoples’ individual meaning making of physical activity and existential movement in everyday life and 2) it provides feasibility knowledge on an organizational level. On the basis of our findings new interventions within caring science can be designed and implemented in order to support well-being.
1) Interviews and focus groups with patients and families (investigating)
2) Workshops with patients, families and nurses using participatory tools such as storytelling, dialogue and idea building (developing)
3) Piloting the new framework in outpatient settings (testing)
4) Feedback meetings with patients, families, and nurses (evaluating)
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202231/12/2024


  • IMAGINE forskningsnetværk (Projektpartner) (leder)
  • PROgrez: Patient-Related Objectives: Generating better Rehabilitation, Treatment, Exercise and Diagnostics - Region Zealand (Projektpartner)


  • well-being
  • Nursing research
  • Movement
  • life-threatening illness