Motivating Playgrounds

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The Project ’Motivating Playground’ aims to understand how playgrounds can contribute to enhancing physical activity among 9-12-year-old children. The project has its offspring in the decreasing physical activity level of children and the fact that physical activity drastically declines around 11 years. Playgrounds are attractive areas for children facilitating physical activity, play, development and social interactions, and playgrounds are rated number 1 on the list of children’s preferred places to be physically active. Research has been conducted looking into the role of playgrounds for children younger than 9 years, but we know far less about how children older than 9 use playgrounds. What attracts children aged 9 to 12 to playgrounds? What motivates them, and what retains them in play on playgrounds?

The project is conducted in cooperation with the playground company KOMPAN A/S whose design and innovation are world leading. KOMPAN Play Institute investigate the importance of play value and how this is related to play equipment design.

Initially, the project will investigate how 9-12-year-old children use playgrounds. Where on the playgrounds do they prefer to spend their time and how active are they on the different playground facilities? Secondly, the project will investigate which play activities and interactions the 9-12-year-old children perform on playgrounds. What are they playing and how do they interact? Finally, the project will address the motivation of 9-12-year-old for using the different facilities on the playground. What do they find attractive and what do they describe as motivating?
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