Mistrust of scientific expertise

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    Antoinette Mary Fage-Butler (PI): Mistrust of scientific experience


    Mistrust of scientific expertise (MSE) is evident in challenges to or dismissal of scientific knowledge and the promotion of alternative forms of knowing.

    Trust has long been an object of sociological interest and is a central concern in business and organizational fields as it supports cooperative behaviours and innovation. While trust is highly relevant, mistrust has largely been under-investigated.

    This project interprets MSE as a cultural phenomenon evident in the discourses that legitimize and propagate it. The motivation for this project is that by understanding cultural expressions of MSE, we are closer to finding ways of addressing it.

    This project investigates expressions of MSE as they relate to the vaccination and climate debates in web data. It will also explore how MSE in relation to COVID-19 is communicated in various digital media and outlets. Two leading research infrastructure centres at AU Arts support the retrieval and analysis of the digital text: Netarkivet and the Centre for Humanities Computing.
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